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What should you do – Write short blogs with high quantity of publishing or blogs with over 1.000 words but with high quality and low frequency?

What all are seeking for is audience. Leads, sales, clicks in quantity or quality or both. You need full house in the digital world.

I am no good blog writer. Not only that I don’t like to make long stories but also because of the English language. I am native finnish speaking so why I don’t create blogs in Finnish people ask me? Because Finland as a small market is not big enough for my online business.

There is another reason to the above. I don’t think that long stories are the solution for content marketing. At least not on the long term. Google loves long text because it is good for the algorithm and SEO marketing. But do you think all long stories and blogs are high quality? I don’t think so. There is maybe 80% garbage out there like plastic in the ocean’s. It can be fatally for search engines.

I speak five languages English, Spanish, German, Swedish and Finnish my mother tongues. I see my job in AmerExperience.com to search and publish relevant information what is already ready in the internet, social media or elsewhere. It is the right way to deliver high quality content from professional publishers.

The other huge advantage is to be able to search in and translate into different languages. Certain things like technology you better search in German, commercial topic, sport, fashion, travel etc. in English, Medical research or eg. Cleantech you find the best in Finland, in Spanish stuff for the Latin market or in Swedish creative issues on marketing and sales.

Quantity or Quality? I found the enclosed excellent article from Laura Lynch the Content Strategist in Google. Laura knows what she is talking about. I recommend you to read her blog and build your own opinion about this important topic.

Enjoy the reading.

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Quantity or Quality: Which, Quantity or Quality: Which Matters for SEO? | build/create : build/create, AMER EXPERIENCEFashion