Legendary MIKE AUSTIN Golf Instruction Video Selection

Golf MIKE AUSTIN Instruction Videos and Tips

Legendary MIKE AUSTIN Golf – Amer Experience Presents The Best Golf Teacher Ever – Watch and Learn FOR FREE

MIKE AUSTIN Golf Instruction Video Selection

Learn from Mike Austin the Best Golf Scientist ever

He explains in a very simple way how the body works in kinesiology, the role of hands and shoulders in a golf swing among others. You need to understand all this to generate speed to your golf swing step-by-step. We made it easier for you to learn faster and FOR FREE with AmerExperience.com Mike Austin Instruction Videos.


Who is Mike Austin the Best Golf Pro Teacher Ever?

Mike Austin was an English-American golf professional and kinesiology expert. He has the Guinness World Records with the longest drive in a golf PGA tournament 471m/515 yards in 1974 at Winterwood Golf Course in the Par-4 455-yard in Las Vegas, Nevada as Austin was 64 years old. In other words, he passed 60 yards over the hole! Austin is absolutely the best golf scientist ever, teacher of the world-famous Ben Hogan and almost all modern professional players integrate his method in their effortless swing like Justin Thomas, Fred Couples, and more.

Legendary MIKE AUSTIN Golf

Our Golf Instruction Playlists are focussed on 3 Three Segments of Learning

| 1 – Golf swing

| 2 – Golf Course Management

| 3 – Golf The Mental Game.

All three parts of Learning Golf contain the most important Key Factors to Learn Effectively and Fast to Play Golf on exactly the right way Step-by-step.

Dropdown your handicap and play better.

Eco. Lassi Pensikkala

Golfer | Entrepreneur

Creator of AmerExperience.com/Golf

Studied Economy, Psychology and Sociology at the University of Hamburg

Speaks Five languages English German Spanish Swedish and Finnish

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Watch all the videos to understand and learn the most effective way.

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Legendary MIKE AUSTIN Golf

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