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Learn to play golf, to make lower scores and to improve your handicap is a result of hard work, skills and a lot of time practicing and playing. Everybody wants to shorten the time to get a good golfer. In addition to practicing and playing you need to study even, you have a pro-teacher!

– So what to do and how to play better golf in a short time?

– How do I get a good golf swing?

– How I get better at golf beginners?

– What is the best golf swing trainer?

Believe me, there are more answers than questions and that makes the whole process of learning golf complicated. There is too much information on the internet and social media; to pick up the right tips and videos is the biggest challenge. I have spent maybe more time studying golf than I did in my studies at the university. I have changed many times my setup, grip, grip pressure, clubs, swing plane, the use of hips, shoulders, weight transfer, and everything. I know I am not alone in this planet of the golf game.

3 Three most important elements in golf

1) Golf swing = Body

2) Course management = Golf Course

3) Mental game = Head

Golf Swing Instructional Videos
1 – Golf Swing Instruction Videos

One small change can mean a huge improvement in your golf. The problem is that the next small change can destroy your complete golf game. And you don’t know why, what happened! It is because Golf Swing is a long chain of movements, use of over 100 muscles, balance, timing, and rhythm. Everybody talks about the importance of the short game. It is true. But if you hit the driver too short it can be a big problem and in most cases, it means you are not playing well the fairway woods, hybrids, and long irons neither. I agree too many players hit on the range only the driver and long clubs and never practice the putt, approach, and chipping. So you need to practice every part of your game. 

Golf Course Management Instruction Videos
2 – Golf Course Management Instruction Videos

And then there is the Course Management what I think is among the technique and mental fitness the third very important factor to get a better golfer. You need to be smart, you need to know yourself and accept your level of golf.

Golf The Mental Game Instruction Video
3 – Golf The Mental Game Instruction Videos

The Mental Process in the head is maybe the most complex issue in golf. “This is not going well”, “I will miss the hit”, “I am a loser” – if you struggle with your self-confidence it is more important to work on your mental game than to waste a lot of time to hit the ball longer.

Why to study the Instructional golf videos?

First, you can learn from the best teachers in the world. That is a huge advantage. You can learn from a PGA Golf Pro FOR FREE. Is that not a deal? Learn to know Teachers like My swing evolution, Me and My golf, Mark Crossfield, Mike Malaska and Mike Austin just to name a few. It does not matter what is your level in golf, you can learn new things, you can save a lot of money and time studying with videos.

In Amer Experience Golf Most Popular Instruction Videos and Online Golf Tips I select videos to you to cover the three most important elements in golf – Golf swing, Mental Game and Course Management

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