Ecuador coast and Galapagos Islands

The Pacific coast and The Galapagos Islands of Ecuador has plenty of beautiful beaches, and at many of them you can spend your time and relax alone.

Eat delicious Pacific Ocean Sea food and Discover Amazing Things To Do.

Guayaquil International Airport José Joaquín de Olmedo is the nearest hub to the Pacific Coast

Zoo Guayaquil Parque Histórico  Samborondon
Zoo Guayaquil Parque Histórico Samborondon
Fauna and Flora of Ecuador – There is a variety of it like nowhere else in the world
Take it easy – Relax and Enjoy Your Life
Ecuador Puerto Lopez Wale Watching
Ecuador Puerto Lopez Wale Watching
Galapagos Islands paradise on earth
Galapagos Islands Paradise On Earth
Galapagos water world
Beautiful Galapagos Seaworld
Galapagos famous Pata Azul water birds
Pata Azul in Galapagos Islands
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